About Me

     Dr. Tasha N. Lee

     My ideal client is one who has acknowledged their issue(s) and has decided to take the first step to healing. This step is contacting a therapist. My goal is to provide a safe space for clients and to facilitate their healing. I desire to develop a therapeutic relationship, where clients have the freedom to disclose and be vulnerable. I strive to create an environment of trust and respect. I believe this is essential in the therapeutic relationship. I see each client as a unique individual, and take pride in joining in each person’s road to therapy.
     I was born and raised in Houston. I earned my bachelor’s (BA, 2006) and first master’s (Educational Administration, MSEd, 2008) from Baylor University. I then earned a second master’s (Clinical Mental Health, M.A., 2014) from Sam Houston State University. Most recently (Spring 2022) I earned my doctorate degree in Counselor Education and supervision from Sam Houston State University.
     I have experience in clinical counseling with couples, adults, and children who have presented with a span of life issues. These include depression, anxiety, and other challenges with moods and emotions. While preferred theoretical orientations, I choose to use techniques that are best for each unique client and their presenting issue and or concern.
     I see clients both in-person and via telehealth (16 and up). If you have made it here, hopefully we will have the opportunity to meet soon! Please feel free to reach out via phone call or text (713-204-4581) or email (Tasha@CounselingByTasha.com) if you have any other questions!