Who Can Benefit From Counseling?

Who Can Benefit From Counseling?


You could benefit from counseling.

Unfortunately, there is a misconception that someone must have a mental health related diagnosis to go to counseling. This is not true. Others may think counseling is not necessary unless their life is completely falling apart and they are on their last leg. This is not true either.

Sometimes, people just need a safe, nonjudgmental, and confidential space to talk, vent, share, cry, scream, etc. Sometimes, people just need space to process a life change.

There is no circumstance too small and there is no such thing as having an unimportant issue when you see a counselor. There are those who go to counseling due to having a hard time adjusting to a recent change and there are those who go to counseling due to debilitating symptoms that are currently disrupting their normal life functioning. Then there are those who seek therapy for everything in between.

For me, the purpose of counseling is not to diagnose you or to tell you what you should do. I believe the purpose of counseling is to join you on your path to healing, clarity, growth, and maybe even change, all on your terms and at your pace.

So again – who is counseling for? Who could benefit? The truth is, just about everybody. Literally. No matter the background, age, issue, or situation. Therapy is appropriate for individual counseling, counseling with a significant other or family member, and counseling for your kid(s) and/or family.

If you are here thinking you might benefit from counseling, you just might. There is nothing to lose in giving it a try.

If you do not believe I would be a good fit, you can search for another therapist on Psychology Today.

Whatever your decision, just remember that you owe it to yourself to take care of yourself as best as you can. If you are in a place of needing a bit of assistance in figuring things out, counseling just may be a perfect fit.

I hope to join you in your journey, but if not, I wish you all the best in taking care of yourself!

  • Tasha N. Lee, Tasha@HoustonCounselingByTasha.com, 713-204-4581

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